Mission Statement

Maximizing Your Return on Your Investment


Phoenix Rising employs our structure, systems and technology to properly manage residential communities, place the Board of Directors in a governance role (set policy and make decisions), develop and execute a realistic budget, maintain facility systems, increase communications and maximize ownership return on investment and quality of life.


  • ¬†We focus on the basics.
    • Cleanliness: Keep the facility clean.
    • Maintenance: Maintain the major facility systems.
    • Security: Ensure the facility is secure and safe for residents.
    • Communicate: Keep Board of Directors, Home Owners and residents informed.
    • Budget: Develop, execute, account for and safeguard Associations funds.
  • Our Community Managers maintain a low client portfolio. This enables Community Managers to better focus on priorities, increase responsiveness and provide a higher quality service.
  • We establish a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, while transitioning the Association, which ensures all the major building systems are properly and efficiently serviced; plumbing, electrical, HVAC, security, roofs, facades, life safety and elevators.
  • Our integrated accounting and management software supports our structure, serves to integrate our services and departments and facilitates communications with our clients.
  • Established systems and our redundant leadership structure ensures accountability and follow through as well as facilitating communication.
  • The Board of Directors sets policy and makes decisions. Management develops options for the Board of Directors consideration and executes the Board of Directors decisions.