Value Proposition

Properly Resourced Management Teams with Integrated Systems and Processes

The Phoenix Rising Management Value Proposition:

Our unique condo association property management service model enables us to provide value to our clients and sets us apart from our competitors. How do we do this? By utilizing:

  • Properly resourced management teams.
  • Integrated systems and processes.

What Does This Mean?

  • Our Community Managers are properly resourced.  Community Managers serve as the face of the organization or the front end.  They routinely interact with clients and are primarily responsible for the account.  What differentiates Phoenix Rising Management, is the depth of the organization and integrated structure in place to support the Community Manager, or the back-end.


  • Community Managers maintain reduced portfolios (a third to half the industry average).
  • Each Community Manager is assigned an experienced Team Leader to provide oversight, accountability, redundancy and serve as a reference for both the Community Manager and the Board of Directors.
  • We have a large back-office staff which supports Community Managers and further reduces administrative demands.
    • Engineers: Maintain building systems and provide third party vendor access/oversight at each facility. Phoenix Rising’s Engineers ensure all the building systems are properly maintained and are present when a vendor is in the facility to ensure the contracted service or goods are delivered.
    • Emergency Services: Personnel trained and equipped to address all after hour, holiday and weekend requirements.
    • Collections: Team develops and monitors collection plans for delinquent accounts in order to safe-guard Association revenues.
    • Closing & Refinancing: When a Home Owner sells or refinances their home, Management is required to provide a number of key disclosure statements and related documents.  A separate department addresses these time sensitive actions in order to facilitate the sale or refinancing.  This is especially important for sales in a competitive market.
    • Administration: Assists with key issuing, scheduling, correspondence and routine resident queries.
  • Smaller portfolios and robust back-office support reduces administrative demands on Community Managers and enables them to better focus on Board of Director high value priorities and Home Owner communications.
  • The model enables Community Managers to develop more professional relationships with clients and serves to increase both Manager and Client retention. The more confident a client becomes in the Management Team, the more authority clients delegate and the more pro-active and efficient Management becomes.


  • We use a comprehensive software package to fully integrate all our systems, processes and services.
  • Key processes we use to manage the association:
    • Budget Planning & Execution:  The best way to control Association costs is to develop and adhere to a detailed and realistic budget.
    • Board of Director Meetings: Routine meetings of the Board of Directors, when properly run, with sufficient notice and participation of the ownership, will facilitate management, increase communications and serve to enhance community morale.
    • Annual Operations Schedule: Detailed plan capturing all routine/recurring preventative maintenance, administrative and financial requirements.
    • Requirements Worksheet and Reviews: Captures, prioritizes and communicates emerging requirements.
    • Management Walk-Through Reports: Routine facility walk-throughs to ensure management presence and properly maintain the facility.
    • Management Updates: Monthly Community Updates to the general ownership to keep Home Owners informed as to what is taking place at the Association and further facilitates communications.
  • We provide basic services such as custodial, maintenance, light handyman, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and power washing which enables us to better control scheduling, cost, quality and responsiveness.
  • We continually solicit input from our clients in order to refine, develop and implement programs addressing service gaps and to further streamline operations.